About Me

Me by the window

Welcome to my little home on the internet!

I’m Rita, a 19 year old marketing student originally from Russia but now living in Budapest (that’s in Hungary, Europe – but I’m sure you know that). I’m 5″5 (1.6M) & I weigh 110 lbs and my eyes are green. In my spare time I like hanging out with my friends, going to clubs. My favorite food is Italian and my favorite band is U2.

I started this site, because I love when men admire my figure and I enjoy the feeling of control I get when naked in front of the camera.

I would like to make one thing clear though, I’m not a pornstar (nor do I want to be) so don’t join my site thinking you’ll see hardcore pictures of me with 10 guys, because you won’t. I’m just an average girl who loves to show off a little bit – well a lot actually:)

At the moment I don’t have a husband or boyfriend. I consider myself straight, but I have recently had one ‘intimate’ encounter with a woman. I don’t think that makes me a lesbian (yet) though!

That's more comfortable!

I love hearing your comments and suggestions about my site, so please keep them coming. You can also contact me with any ideas you have photo shoots or videos and I’ll see what I can do.

Finally, don’t forget about the premium part of my site. It contains loads of pictures and videos of me and some of my girlfriends and it will keep you occupied for days on end!

Enjoy the site:)

May 2008

***Update 2016*** Well I’m still around but haven’t been posting for the last couple of years and I’m no longer the slim-like 19 year old I was in the pictures (I’m now 30 and still in great shape). I’ve been busy with real life things since I left college and now work for a large multinational company in Budapest handling their PR and marketing. I’m not sure what my bosses would think of me posing nude on the internet, so I mightn’t post any updated pictures of myself for a while… but I’ll still try and update the site every so often with some sets from my archives.

Stay happy and horny guys:).