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Guys often ask, do women masturbate? The answer is… of course we just never tell anyone. Why is it that a woman who admits to masturbating is considered naughty? If its such a “natural” function of being a man, why isn’ the same said about a woman?

I first discovered masturbation when I was about 16, and in the shower. At first I didn’t really realize what was happening. That funny tightening feeling, just a little odd, but good at the same time. Once I knew, I began to take really long showers, but ALWAYS felt guilty.

My masturbation always occurs when I am alone and relaxed. There would be nothing worse than being caught. I start out by setting the mood, not by lighting candles or playing music though. For me the mood is best when it is naughty, scandalous, or dirty. I gather my toys and decide what I will do next. I will do things to myself that I am still afraid to do with a lover. I have a really large, soft vibrator, that is powerful (none of this wimpy stuff for me). I also have a smaller vibrator that has its uses. I love the smell of lavender, so sometimes use a lavender scented oil/cream. One of my favourite things to do is to tease myself while trying to stay as relaxed as I can. I can cum so quickly if I don’t relax, and the point is to feel good, not to sprint to the finish. I especially like pushing the small vibrator all the way inside, while using the stronger vibrator on my clit. Best of both worlds, right? I can cum several times in a row like that.

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I'm Rita, a marketing student originally from Russia but now living in Budapest (Hungary). I'm 5"5 (1.6M). I weigh 110 lbs and my eyes are green. In my spare time I like hanging out with friends, going to clubs. My favourite food is Italian and my favourite band is U2.

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