My friend Annie

Last Wednesday, I met up with a university friend Annie. Over lunch we got talking about school fee’s and part time job’s for students. I was a bit surprised when Annie told me that she worked as cam model and an escort and was able to pay for her college tuition by working just a couple of hours a days.

I started explaining to her about my website and asked her advice about how I could improve the site and hopefully start to make a little bit of cash to pay the bills.

Annie suggested I try to get other students to pose for me and maybe add a premium section to the website. Never one to miss an opportunity, I asked if she was willing to have some nude pics of her taken. Without hesitation she agreed, so we bought a couple of bottles of wine and headed back to my apartment to do the shoot.

At first we both felt a bit awkward, but after 20 minutes of horsing around we were both getting into it and here are the results!

I’m not a professional photographer, so hopefully these pics will be up to your high standards. I’ll hold back on the really rude ones for now… you never know I just might get around to that premium section.

BTW Annie works on these 2 websites (Live Jasmin & Webcams) and the best time to catch her online is in the evening. You can see her escort website (complete with the pics I took of her) at .

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I'm Rita, a marketing student originally from Russia but now living in Budapest (Hungary). I'm 5"5 (1.6M). I weigh 110 lbs and my eyes are green. In my spare time I like hanging out with friends, going to clubs. My favourite food is Italian and my favourite band is U2.

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